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Founded on the principle that every person facing legal trouble has an absolute right to the highest level of representation. Brian Kirlew is a skilled litigator and decorated trial lawyer with a proven track record of getting results. The Kirlew Law Firm is a boutique litigation firm focused on providing zealous and effective representation in State and Federal Courts. With years of experience and countless hours spent in the courtroom litigating legal issues and trying serious cases, our firm knows what it takes to win. We treat your case as if it were our only case. You and your legal issues are our main priority.


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Brian Kirlew is an accomplished attorney with a strong record of excellence in the courtroom. He has successfully resolved thousands of cases. At the Kirlew Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our commitment to client communication and zealous representation. We treat your case like it is our only case. Your fight is our fight. Your victory is our victory. But don’t take our word for it, see what former clients and colleagues have to say about Brian Kirlew, Esq.


“I was fortunate enough to have a close friend who went to law school with Brian and put me in touch when I found myself in a mess….It wasn't a situation I would ever want to find myself in, but Brian's support, confidence, professionalism and expertise put me at ease. You want this guy in your corner.”

- Karina

“An aggressive litigator, knowledgeable on the laws who actually cared for the best interest of me and my children. He took the burden off my shoulders of dealing with the paperwork, filings, and the stress of dealing with the opposing attorney who was trying to make my life miserable. Hiring him was the best decision I could have made because I could now focus on my children and my career, which ultimately provides for my children.”

- Christina

“He is one patient and understanding man I proudly say. He kept his word and kept me from doing jail time, which was my biggest fear/ concern. I'd be more than comfortable hiring him again in the future, if needed. & I would recommend/ refer him to any of my family or friends. Thanks again Brian!”

- Stephanie H.

“I remember being completely stressed until my aunt recommended Brian to help me with my case because my family refused to put my fate in the hands of a public defender. Since I have met Brian, I have known him to be very helpful, understanding, down to earth, and real! He won't sell you a dream, but he'll do everything in his power for your benefit. I can't thank him enough.”

- Candace Y.

Diligent, knowledgeable & responsive : In my experience with Brian, he is extremely diligent and will treat your case as if it is his only one. He was thorough, responsive, and achieved better than the desired result. I would definitely hire Brian in the future.”

- Mandell S.

“Brian Kirlew did an excellent job defending my son. The cocaine charges were dismissed, DUI charges were lessened to reckless driving and no jail time. We were able to communicate with Mr. Kirlew at all times which was very comforting. He delivers great service and I highly recommend him.”

- Susan M.

Excellent Criminal Attorney : Brian is one of the most professional attorney I have ever worked with. He is always available 24/7 for any questions concerning the case. He has an exceptional work ethic and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a excellent attorney.”

- Lamys R.

Great Trial Attorney : I've worked with Attorney Kirlew for years. He is one of the most efficient and effective trial attorneys I know. He has handled both criminal and civil cases for me”

- Erica R.

Honest & Trustworthy :He is a "Tell it like it is" kind of man. Does not sugar coat and gives it to you straight forward. Does not tell you what you want to hear, He tells you what you need to hear. I highly recommend Brian Kirlew to anyone in need of a fighter!””

- Heather M.

Great lawyer I must say he is one of the best I've ever met. Besides him winning the case he was able to reduce his sentence from 4 years to 365 days. I was very impressed at how he went about making sure that his client received a fair trial.”

- Emily C.

Great Trial Attorney :Brian is an excellent Attorney. He is very knowledgeable. He was able to get my Fiancé a very good deal on he's charges that were very serious. He fights for his clients and does not hold back. He keeps you up to date with everything that is going on with the case, any updates done regardless of time; he will contact you. He returns all calls and replies to all emails asap. He is aggressive in the courtroom which is what you need in a Attorney who is fighting for your freedom or a loved one. I recommend Brian to anyone facing a legal matter, he may be a little pricey but at the end of the day; your freedom has no price!”

- Rosa V.

“In trouble? When your back is against the wall, and you need a real warrior in your corner, call Brian Kirlew! Experienced, knowledgeable, respected and fearless, he is the man you want in your corner. Look no further, call him now!”

- Bob P.

“I endorse this lawyer without any reservation. He is an extremely passionate, intelligent, and dedicated advocate. His trial skills are extraordinary and his clients rave about the outcomes that he's able to obtain for them.”

- Mark E.

“I worked as an Assistant State Attorney against Mr. Kirlew. He was a zealous advocate for his clients and an excellent trial attorney. I endorse this lawyer.”

- Ramon C.

“Brian is the advocate of all advocates. He is knowledgeable, diligent, caring, and works hard to get his clients the justice they deserve. He is exactly what a lawyer should be. I would not hesitate to refer him clients because I know that he will stand up for them to no end.”

- Natalie G.

“Brian is as diligent and dedicated to providing the best possible defense for all his clients. I can vouch for his effectiveness as a fellow lawyer in the community as well as when we had cases against each other when I was a prosecutor. I endorse Brian.”

- Pablo T.

“I don't know where to begin..... Brian is the 1st lawyer that I have ever had. He is very helpul, reliable, always availble when needed, and knowledgeable. Brian and his staff of great people ensured my family and I that they would see to it that our situation was resolved in a timely manner. Brian kept his word, and delevered! I would recommend Brian to all my family and friends, because his knowledge in his field is outstanding..... for a job well done DONT GO TO COURT WITHOUT Brian Andrew Kirlew ON YOUR SIDE”

- Tommy

“Brian Andrew Kirlew is an excellent example of what a lawyer is meant to be. On point with all his services and just a call away of any questions you may need answered. Easy to talk to, down to earth. My Father in law and I were searching for the best we could find . Brian Andrew Kirlew was very professional as of the moment we contact him”

- Jorge

The dragon lawyer - 3 open cases with out of state probation and Brian Kirlew beat the charges and had my 15 years probation terminated. Thanks to Brian Kirlew I got my life back... I recommend Brian Kirlew every chance I get... thanx Brian Kirlew"

- Bryant D.

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