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Real Estate & Business Transactions

Our Real Estate practice areas are headed by Heidi Kirlew who has over 8 years experience in handling complex Real Estate litigation and transactions. Heidi spent years working for big banks learning how they prosecute their real estate disputes. Heidi has brought that experience to the Kirlew Law Firm where she now helps individuals and businesses fight back against the big banks.

The Kirlew Law Firm has successfully helped hundreds of clients obtain favorable resolutions to their real estate disputes. We have experience and provide representation in the following areas:

  1. Commercial Leases
  2. Eminent Domain
  3. Evictions
  4. Foreclosure Defense
  5. Loan Modifications
  6. Property Division
  7. Property Insurance Disputes
  8. Property Valuation
  9. Real Estate Assignments
  10. Real Estate Sale Contracts
  11. Real Estate Closings
  12. and more.

Our Business Transactions practice areas often overlap with Civil Litigation and Real Estate. Usually, businesses are often entering into agreements as it relates to partnerships, sale of goods or services, commercial leases and business licensing. New businesses often make the mistake of overlooking these crucial issues when starting up a new enterprise.

The Kirlew Law Firm offers expertise and counsel in navigating these tricky areas of business. Our firm provides representation in the following Business Transaction areas:

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. New Business Setup
  3. Commercial Leases
  4. Contract Disputes
  5. Employment Contracts
  6. Insurance
  7. Licensing
  8. and more

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