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Drug Crimes

Miami Drug Crimes Attorney

Miami and the greater South Florida area are a hotbed of narcotics activity. At both the federal and state level, large amounts of resources are put into investigation, arresting and prosecuting drug crimes. Depending on the kind of charges sought by the prosecution, induvials facing a drug crime can face minimum mandatory sentences, seizure of personal assets and deportation from the United States. It’s critically important to retain an experienced Miami Drug Crimes Attorney immediately to protect your family, assets and freedom.

What are Drug Crimes?

Generally speaking, drug crimes fall into three categories: possession, sale and trafficking. Possession charges are common on the state level; they are uncommon on the federal level.

Simple possession of narcotics can be the run of the mill marijuana possession up to felony amounts of marijuana or other controlled substances that are charged as felonies. If you are going to be charged with a drug crime at all, you want your lawyer to effectively reduce a sale or trafficking charge to simple possession. While simple possession is a serious offense that can lead to jail time or probation, there are no minimum mandatory prison sentences attached to the possession of narcotics.

The sale of narcotics is also an offense that is common on the state level. This is typically charged when an individual is observed conducting hand to hand transactions, sells drugs to an undercover officer or an informant. Usually, police officers use narcotic sale charges to obtain search warrants and build a case for trafficking. A sale case, as we call it in the industry, is very serious and can range from a third degree felony up to a first degree felony. There are minimum mandatory sentences that apply depending on the drug sold, the distance from a school, church or park, or the accused prior record.

Trafficking in narcotics is the last area that typically makeup drug crimes. Trafficking charges are prosecuted on both the federal and state level. While the name of the charge may sound different depending on the statute or whether it is in state or federal court, at its core, sale of a large quantity of narcotics or possession of a large quantity of narcotics is usually a trafficking case. Trafficking in narcotics has minimum mandatory sentences at both the federal and the state level. Trafficking charges are what every detective, DEA agent and prosecutor is hoping for in an investigation. They want to catch unsuspecting people in the dragnet of a trafficking case.

Drug crimes are often thought of as including street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin. But in recent years, prescription drugs are making up a larger amount of the drug crime prosecutions. Local investigators and federal agents are increasingly interested in investigating and prosecuting clinics, pharmacies, pharmacists, business people and accountants they believe are connected to large scale prescription drug abuse. Many times unsuspecting employees find themselves caught in the sweep of a vicious and unrelenting prescription drug prosecution.

No matter the drug crime, whether it is in state or federal court, anyone who suspects that they are a target of investigation or under arrest, needs a qualified and experienced Miami Drug Crimes Attorney in their corner.

How do I know if I am under investigation for a Drug Crime?

Generally speaking, police officers and federal agents will only investigate sale of narcotics and trafficking in narcotics charges. There is no sure fired way to know that you are under investigation. But there are certain clues you can pick up on. Look for these cues:

  • A new person showing up that wants to purchase a small amount of narcotics as a “tester”.
  • Someone that claims to have a new person to introduce you to.
  • Someone that usually purchases small amounts and then all of sudden wants to purchase a large amount of narcotics like ounce or more.
  • And individual that all of a sudden has access to larger quanties of cash.

If you notice any of these circumstances, call our office today. Federal agents are notorious for purchasing narcotics over a long period of time to slowly build a case against an individual or an organization. By retaining counsel immediately, you can mitigate the damage that has been done.

What to do if I am under investigation, arrested or charged with a Drug Crime?

First and foremost, call our offices immediately. Speak with Attorney Brian Kirlew. Anything you tell him is confidential and cannot be used against you. Additionally, you should cease all communications via phone, text or email with everyone other than immediately family. There should be no discussion about your case or the allegations in your case to anyone outside the presence of Brian Kirlew or his investigator Michael Rafael. That includes your family. You never know who is listening on the other end.

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