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Family Law

Miami Family Law Attorney

Specializing in Alimony, Child Support, and More

Family law cases are the most emotionally charged and mentally trying legal proceedings that anyone can endure. When individuals and families find themselves in these contentious situations, they need an experienced and compassionate advocate at their side. The Kirlew Law Firm strives to provide that necessary voice, and sometimes even the strength, to help our clients get through a difficult time. We believe in focused aggression and keeping a cool head when cases get difficult and contentious.

Our Firm has a strong background and vast experience in business, criminal, real estate law, and many other areas of the law that often intersect with family law matters. It is very common for a person to be going through a family law case and have a companion criminal case, a joint business or property that is affected. It’s important that you lawyer understands these issues and how to prepare.

Our family law attorneys provide practical legal advice and effective representation throughout Miami and the greater South Florida region. We try to help clients move on from this trying time in their lives and always put their children first. Our comprehensive family law practice includes all aspects of Florida family law, including, but not limited to:

Below is a list of our practice areas:

Why Choose the Kirlew Law Firm?

Because of our experience, our commitment and our results, we offer the best representation for family law cases in Miami.. You can count on the full service of the Kirlew Law Firm to understand the legal issues in your case and be prepared to win. Our Firm has vast experience preparing and litigating complex family law cases. We strive to ensure that not only are our client’s rights protected, but that they have an in-depth understanding of their case and know their options. Our clients are the most important part of the team and their input is critical in deciding how a case will be prepared. That is why we regularly schedule in-house meetings and phone conferences with our clients to discuss all the pending matters in their case(s) and the strategy necessary to achieve their desired outcome.

If you need representation for a family law case in Miami, contact Attorney Brian Kirlew today.

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