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Miami Testimonials Attorney

    review rating 5  I am very pleased by the representation i recieved by Mr. Brian Kirlew. He was very professional, confident, and got the case dismissed just as he predicted. I highly recommened The Kirlew Law firm.

    thumb Justin Foss

    review rating 5  I am very satisfied with the staff and with the outcome of my case. Attorney is very knowledgeable and provided the right guidance throughout this difficult process. I highly recommend this firm. Thank you, thank you !

    thumb Martha Vargas

    review rating 5  Brian was extremely supportive and sharp during my case. I felt confident and helped through the whole process. I strongly recommend this law firm. Thank you!

    thumb Daniela Garcia

    review rating 5  This firm welcomes anyone without a doubt. If you find yourself in a tough situation, definitely call them . They'll give you the best advice and service you could ask for. #judgmentfreezone

    thumb cyndi hernandez

    review rating 5  So professional & so wonderful to work with! I couldn't have been happier with the outcome, thanks to Heidi & Brian! When I felt like giving up, they gave me the hope to continue! I highly recommend this amazing, professional & caring Firm!

    thumb Tracie Zermeno

    review rating 5  I highly recommend them!! They are the best because this case was not a easy one and just by going to court on day one they dismissed everything. Thank you so much for for everything. If I were to need from you again I would surly call you guys.

    thumb Hilda Lima

    review rating 5  I want to personally and publicly thank Brian Kirlew and his staff for the attention they gave me and my case. Attorney Kirlew took the time to go through the legalities and all the possible outcomes with my family and I. We all felt confident in his ability and his willingness to defend me for the win and that is just what happened...All charges were dismissed. I hope I never need him again, lol, but I highly recommend him and his firm!

    thumb gNathan Reid

    review rating 5  I highly recommend the Kirlew Law Firm, especially if facing a divorce. Even through the long and difficult process, I received attentive and responsive service. Not only are Heidi, Brian and Katheryn competent, they are honest and truly concerned about the best outcome. You can trust this firm.

    thumb Janelle Taveras

    review rating 5  God and Brian Kirlew are two that I thank for saving my life!!! At the beginning of this journey I was facing 3 felony charges and life in prison with no parole (maybe life WITH parole if the cased went favorably!) After a year of hard work and persistence from The Kirlew Law Firm, and as of 2019 all of my charges will be acquitted!! It took a year of hard-work and dedication from Brian his team at the law firm, and myself. But Brian was persistent and never gave up on me, he did so much work for my case. I am now in a program that will end this year, and once completed, my entire case will be dismissed!! God is amazing! I will have a clean criminal record and can proceed with my life because of this man and his hard-work, coupled with God and his favor on my life! I went from facing life in jail in the begging of 2018 to where I am today because of God, Brian and his support system, and me and my support system. I am now a graduate student at Georgia State University and will be teaching full time in the fall while finishing my Masters in Secondary Science Education! I couldn't be more grateful for this man and all that he has done for me and my family! I will be forever grateful for the belief that Brian placed in me as a person, for the patience, the understanding and the work that he put into me, my family, and this case. Thank you Brian!! Out of 5 stars you deserve 10!! Forever Grateful.

    thumb Daniel Jordan

    review rating 5  We were referred to Heidi by a friend. We went in for a step parent adoption and the biological parent was making it very difficult but she remained positive and kept on fighting for what we wanted and what was just. She made the whole process so simple and kept us informed every step of the way. We finalized the step parent adoption today ! Happy to say our family is complete !!! Thank you so much Heidi your work and dedication is appreciated. The Espinosa family.

    thumb Josie Posie

    review rating 5  If unfortunately you are in the need for a knowledgeable, credible, professional, sincere, efficient, competent, super defense attorney BRIAN KIRLEW is undisputable the ONE. Mr Kirlew communicates in a timely, effective manner and this is his norm. My son in law was arrested, facing a mandatory life in prison for an alleged first degree offense. Immediately after Mr Kirlew was retained he started working on the case. With skillful, strategic expertise he worked the case and after approximately 4 months he informed us that my son in law will be released in an additional 7 months. This was great news but within a few weeks thereafter he again informed us that he had much better news after skillfully negotiating with the state attorney, that reduced the original charge to an assault with a deadly weapon which had the case closed after 5 months and 5 years of probation. The cost associated with this case is a non factor, Mr Kirlew is worth every penny because my son in law freedom is PRICELESS. My son in law is now able to take care of himself and his family and live a productive FREE life. THANKS Brian for all you have done for us.

    thumb Elaine Clarke

    review rating 5  This man is a godsend!!! He does his job with such a level of professionalism and dedication. 10/10. If you need a bulldog lawyer, don't look any further than Mr. Brian Kirlew. I highly recommend him. He has given my a miracle. Thank you!!

    thumb Kimberly Clarke

    review rating 5  I'm an accountant plus have a car rental business; I was put in a position with a legal issue which could affect my life and livelihood. had a very good friend who is an lawyer too referred me to The Kirlew Law Firm although for years i had an lawyer that I used for all my legal problem but since my friend the lawyer spoke so highly about Brian & Heidi Kirlew I decided to take a chance with them. I made an appointment with them. I met spoke to Brian Kirlew and was totally impressed how professional he was plus canned I went them to handle my case. Now with that said the best part of course the case was completely dismissed without me ever having to go to court at all. I want to thank them for the wonderful (best) job they did and the hard work that they put into to resolve my case. If anyone ask me for a lawyer is sure will be them....

    thumb PETE COHEN

    review rating 5  The name Kirlew is synonymous with professionalism and successful results. I love the way they prepared my documents for my cases. When I want an attorney that offers the best defense and execution, I look for the Kirlew Law Firm. They have helped me on a few occasions and every time the results were positive. I highly recommend the Kirlew Law Firm for your legal needs.

    thumb Enrique Santiago

    review rating 5  Brian was my lawyer for 3 years and through that time he’s been able to help me get the possible result with issues I had due to hard work and determination. We developed a great relationship over that time and is a very good Lawyer and friend. Very fortunate to get the results I did due to his work ethic, strategies and not being afraid to roll the dice for the best possible outcomes. Would highly recommend.

    thumb Robert Mihok

    review rating 5  I trusted in him and guarantee he would do what it takes to defend my case. You are always updated on your case and you are free to call if you have any question regarding the case. I am so glad and wouldn’t have choosen any other attorney to fight and represent my case. The case was dismissed and I owe it to Brian Kirlew who is extremely knowledgeable, talented and experienced in the court room. Pays extreme attention to detail. He is a Great person and understanding. I am forever thankful for Brian.

    thumb Kimberly Gonzalez

    review rating 5  Brian Kirlew is the best attorney that I have ever dealt with. He is very honest and straightforward from beginning to end. He explained everything to me in great detail and worked hard to get all charges dropped. If you want the best attorney that will deliver the results you want, then Brian Kirlew is right for you!

    thumb Scott Anderson

    review rating 5  I would personally like to thank Brian and his staff for the great service and most importantly for the huge win on my case. I appreciate everything and everyone that contributed towards my situation. I recommend if anyone is in need for legal services, please don’t hesitate to call The Kirlew Law Firm.

    thumb Durrant Murphy

    review rating 5  I have a 11 year old son that I could not see due to his moms actions. I went online and I saw The Kirlew Law Firm and saw there great reviews. I went and called and spoke to Heidi. She spoke to me for over 1 hour on the phone and explained the process of what we can do and what we cannot due. I called other places and all they want to do is charge you without even helping you until you pay them. This was not the case with them. After speaking with her I went in for a free consultation and decided to hire them. They did a great job from answering all my questions, taking care of all my needs and make me feel very confident and happy, We went to court a few times and they helped me achieve 50/50 custody to be with my child. They were always on point on what they needed to do and on time for any appointment I had. I want to thank them for everything that they did for me and I would recommend them to anyone. They are not here to take your money like most lawyers do, They are here to help you achieve what you ask for and they take pleasure in what they do to help. Thank you guys so much. Victor Llano

    thumb VICTOR LLANO

    review rating 5  Brian represented me and my children in a very complex case. Though our case was very sensitive in nature Brian and Heidi fought for us till the end and won our case. I have had bad attorney experience in the past. I have had an attorney out of FL who took our case and didn't do anything. My husband and I are out of state and couldn't afford being present in court back and forth between states to resolve the matter. Though we were financially strained, Brian and his team worked out a feasible arrangement with us so we could be able to afford his services and resolve our case. I have never met anyone so kind and passionate about their work than Brian and Heidi Kirlew. I will recommend them to anyone who is going through sensitive family matters and require attorney representation. Brian has fought hard for our children and made their dreams of being with their mother a reality. What I appreciated the most was the fact that Brian and Heidi took the time out of their busy schedule to contact me directly when needing to discuss my case. That meant a lot to me. That to me meant that the attorney cared and made me feel like I mattered and I'm not just another case or just another means of revenue. Once again Thank you Kirlew Law (Donia Servius)

    thumb Samantha Yo relem

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