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White Collar

Miami White Collar Attorney

White Collar crimes generally refer to non-violent offenses that are committed for financial gain. These offenses can often become complicated matters involving mountains of documents and evidence. An arrest or conviction of a White Collar crime can also lead to swift and overwhelming consequences including seizure of bank accounts, forfeiture of your home, and the stripping of professional licenses/accreditation. Most importantly, conviction of white collar crimes usually involved lengthy prison sentences. The government rigorously prosecutes individuals suspected of white collar crimes and often utilizes the FBI, IRS and Secret Service in their investigations. Many local police departments also have grant money from the federal government to identify and investigate white collar criminal activity. Investigating, arresting and seizing the assets of professionals and entrepreneurs are big business for the government. They are relentless in their efforts and you need to be protected with an experienced Miami white collar crime attorney.

In addition to State White Collar crime, we also represent clients charged with Federal White Collar crimes, which are regulated by Titles 18 and 26 of the United States Code. Some of these federal offenses include:

  • antitrust violations,
  • computer and internet fraud,
  • identity theft – credit card fraud
  • phone and telemarketing fraud,
  • bankruptcy fraud,
  • healthcare fraud,
  • Environmental law violations (illegal waste disposal, improper hazardous waste storage, etc.),
  • insurance fraud,
  • mail fraud, wire & bank fraud
  • money laundering, & racketeering (RICO)
  • government fraud,
  • tax evasion,
  • securities fraud, insider trading,
  • bribery, kickbacks, & public corruption
  • Money laundering, embezzlement, economic espionage, and trade secret theft.

How are white collar crimes investigated?

In almost every federal white collar criminal investigation, the federal agents and local police officers involved in the case shadow their suspects for months and even years. They utilized wire taps, subpoenaed bank records, video tape conversations and meetings, property and asset, business records and cooperating witnesses. The agents often times seek to make pre-indictment deals with codefendants or coworkers who they threaten to charge if they don’t talk.

The feds have unlimited resources and they are extremely patient in their investigations. Many times, an agent will get so committed to an investigation that they bend the rules, alleged they witnessed activity that they didn’t and innocent people get wrapped up in the conspiracy that they knew nothing about. This is why it is critical to contact a Miami white collar attorney the moment you suspect you are the target of a white collar criminal investigation. With the help of our investigators and forensic accountants, we can often mitigate the exposure a client may face in a while collar criminal prosecutor.

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If you are being investigated for a White Collar crime at the state or federal level (or both), the sooner you get a qualified attorney on your side to protect your rights, the better. Brian Kirlew, Esq. is experienced and skilled at handling these complex and sensitive matters, and is always just a phone call away.

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